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Long-term at the low end of the innovation value chain Guangdong shoe industry to

China News Service, Guangzhou, May 26th (Reporter Xu Qingqing) “China produces more than 12 billion pairs of shoes every year, accounting for more than 80% of the total global footwear production. It is the world's largest exporter of footwear,” said the China Leather Association. Liu Suilong, vice chairman and chairman of the Guangdong Footwear Manufacturers’ Association, said at the “Leoying Global Footwear & Bags New Retail Cooperation Summit” held on the 26th that at the same time, China’s shoe industry’s “manufacturing” has a low share in the global footwear innovation value chain. , encountered development difficulties.
According to Liu Suilong, at present, China has more than 20,000 shoe-making enterprises that have begun to take shape, and employs more than 19 million people. Guangdong is the country with the largest export of footwear in the country. In 2016, Guangdong's export volume, amount and average price all achieved sustained growth. The number of Guangdong footwear exports was 3.107 billion pairs, accounting for 31.46% of the country's total exports, an increase of 32% year-on-year, and the average export price was US$5.84 per pair, up 17.5%.
Liu Suilong said that the “difficulties” experienced by merchants are mainly due to the fact that for a long time, the traditional professional market was dominated by other Western developed countries in terms of marketing, brand innovation and so on, so the Chinese shoe industry “manufactured. "The share of global footwear innovation value chain is low; at the same time, the quality and efficiency of the supply system are not high enough to meet the escalating consumer demand. This is the largest "short board" in the Chinese footwear market. In addition, the traditional market has a single marketing model and service model, and the market development is forcing business model innovation and recreating new marketing models and service platforms.
The well-known footwear vertical retail e-commerce platform,, stated that it will take the development needs of transformation and upgrading of shoe and bag industry, break through the limitations of traditional vertical pure electricity supplier, integrate high-quality resources, and integrate Design, Differences and Creative. ) Organically integrated to form an innovative service platform from the design, production, marketing, and after-sales service to the industry chain. Through the establishment of a full-network marketing model and product supply chain management system, maximum share is created for each participant in each link. Benefits, creating a new benchmark for new retail and creative industries. Create a omni-channel sales system that covers the country's physical stores + the Internet. With the new retail model of the shoe and bag industry, which is highly integrated online and offline, we can achieve a sound development from the user's needs, design, production, sales, and after-sales service to the entire industry.
"The footwear industry is an everlasting sunrise industry and business can always be done." Liu Suilong said that for the domestic footwear industry in China, there is also ample room for market growth. In terms of annual per capita consumption of shoes, at present, the average American has 8 pairs of shoes, and the Japanese average is 7.5 pairs, while the current per capita in China is only about 2.5 pairs. He stated that in accordance with the national strategy, he actively promoted structural reforms on the supply side, made full use of the technological means and advantages of mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, and the Internet of Things to conduct business model reengineering and upgrading services, and opened up the entire industry chain to build The new and healthy footwear industry ecosystem and the new ecology of marketing are the inevitable trends and inevitable choices for the future development of the footwear industry in Guangdong and China. (Finish)