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Change and Innovation in the Development of China's Shoe Industry

The launch ceremony of the 2015 China Footwear Festival Summit Forum and China Shoes Industry Online Trading Platform was successfully held and received strong support from the Jinjiang City People's Government and the Jinjiang City Bureau of Commerce. With the theme of “innovators and eras”, the festival set up rich content on-line and offline interactive content, and closely integrated shoe materials, shoe machine suppliers, midstream manufacturers, and downstream retail brands in the upstream of the footwear industry. More than 500 shoe companies from Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Anhui provinces gather in the city to discuss the changes and innovations in the development of China's footwear industry.
At the opening ceremony, deputy mayor Ding Feng of the People's Government of Jinjiang City and director of the Footwear Committee of the China Leather Association successively delivered speeches to introduce the status quo of the footwear industry in three different levels of the world, China and Jinjiang. The footwear industry is a traditional competitive industry that started earlier and developed faster in Jinjiang. It has a group of leading enterprises including Anta, Xtep, Guiren Bird, 361 Degrees, etc., and has the leading innovation capability in the domestic footwear industry. In 2015, Jinjiang There are more than 3,300 various types of footwear companies, employing 250,000 people and achieving an output value of 106.6 billion yuan. However, problems such as insufficient innovation in traditional industries, sluggish market demand, and slower growth of enterprises have gradually been exposed in recent years. In order to speed up the construction of a production and consumption model adapted to the Internet era, the Forum held the launching ceremony of the “China Shoes Online Trading Platform” in the same period, with a view to promoting the transformation and upgrading of companies from concept to business and the market.
“This festival is an active exploration of the footwear industry in promoting the transformation and upgrading of industries.” Ding Feng, deputy mayor of Jinjiang City, said in his speech. It is reported that the 2015 China Shoe Industry Festival Organizing Committee took advantage of three months, visited the Jinjiang, Shishi, Nanan, Putian, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Wenzhou, Wenling, Lishui, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Heshan and Chengdu footwear production areas. A large number of cases and data have been collected, and in addition to many successful experiences and practices, a lot of useful lessons have been provided for the development of the footwear industry.
Ding Feng said that in recent years, due to many factors such as international trade barriers, appreciation of the renminbi, rising raw material prices, and labor shortage, China's footwear industry is facing a severe test, and “innovation” has become the only way to transform and upgrade upstream and downstream industries in the traditional footwear industry. . To better promote the reform and transformation of the shoemaking industry, the Jinjiang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have actively adopted such measures as the development of intelligent equipment industry, encouraging the intelligent transformation of enterprises, exploring the development model of the “Internet”, and actively promoting the construction of sports cities.
Before this, the Jinjiang shoe industry has spent more than a decade exploring in the field of Internet e-commerce. A platform for promoting the integration of the shoe industry industry chain has been born and was officially launched by the summit. “China Shoes Online Trading Platform” is a global e-commerce model enterprise of the Ministry of Commerce---Fujian Network Network Technology Co., Ltd.'s global shoe network, Amoy shoes network, the use of more than a decade in the field of shoe industry resources and the accumulation of independence Some e-commerce Internet technology, independent research and development to build a foothold in Jinjiang, the radiation of the country, the world-wide footwear industry chain trading platform.
“The platform is positioned to transform and open up the traditional shoe industry design, development, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and distribution, logistics and finance, integrate the resources of the entire shoe industry chain, optimize the industrial structure, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the shoe industry. "Wang Dongzhu, chairman of Computer Technology, said.
Through the on-site visits, inspections and research conducted by the Organizing Committee to outstanding enterprises in major shoe-making regions in the country, the 2015 China Shoe Industry Festival initiated the industry innovation selection, and through repeated selection and argumentation, the overall evaluation of the market share and line under the assessment line. On the sales situation, media feedback, market activity and expert opinions, and other indicators; at the same time, the voting results of all sectors of the community are included in the important indicators, the organizing committee finally assessed the list of 13 awards, and awards on the forum. In recognition of this, 93 outstanding companies and individuals have made significant contributions to the Chinese footwear industry in the past year.
At the same time, around the theme of “innovators and eras”, the festival called on authoritative experts in the footwear industry and representatives of the companies visited, as well as the footwear associations of the major footwear producing regions in China’s five provinces and eight cities to gather together to analyze the new economic formats. Next, the new technology, new models, and new trends in the shoe industry chain introduce typical cases of “supply chain intelligence”, “big data business analysis”, and “internet transformation and upgrading” to discuss “machine substitution” and “design fashion”. The practical experience of hot topics such as “Smart Wearable” is aimed at topics such as regional characteristics, macro-environment, and transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. It will carry out in-depth discussions and exchanges, share innovations, gather wisdom, and gather publicity to actively promote Chinese shoemaking. The development of the industry made suggestions and suggestions.
According to reports, in the context of Internet footwear, the platform is positioned to transform and open up the traditional footwear design, development, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and distribution, logistics and finance, and integrate the resources of the entire footwear industry chain. The industrial structure promotes the transformation and upgrading of the shoe industry. It is estimated that within 1,000 years, 1000 shoe-making SMEs will be promoted in quality and efficiency, and 100 online original brands will be cultivated. The amount of online transactions will exceed RMB 10 billion.