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Costs rise year after year How to re-create advantages? "Three questions"

Determined to completely say goodbye to the past, the low-slump, bid farewell to the traditional backward production pattern of the footwear industry go from here? Can we achieve from all aspects of the value chain to enhance? In the grand strategy of manufacturing 2025 in China and how to find its own position? Less scholars and enterprises agree that if Wenzhou footwear industry wants to break through the predicament, it must carry out intelligent transformation and upgrading from production, service and design, and realize the leap from intelligence manufacturing in Wenzhou to Wenzhou.
How to Rebuild the Advantages?——Transition from Manufacturing to Intellectual Creation
Once upon a time, Wenzhou footwear quickly occupied the global market with low cost advantages. In recent years, due to the rising cost of factors and the impact of new forms of business such as the Internet, these strengths are weakening and even become a “stumbling block” for economic restructuring.
Xie Yufang, executive chairman of the Municipal Leather Industry Association, believes that the current Wenzhou shoe industry is low and scattered, with shortages of skilled workers, financing difficulties, weak external demand and shortage of design and R&D personnel. The leather shoes are the main block economy in Wenzhou, relying on positive It is the low-cost and mass production produced by the collective contract. Under the impact of the Internet and e-commerce, whether the Wenzhou shoe leather industry can successfully graft new economy and new technology to reproduce brilliant, to a certain extent, determine the success or failure of the transformation of the entire industry.
Xie Yufang stated that there is less and less room for the production of low value-added products at the end of the industrial chain, and that capacity reduction and internal management and quality construction, “Internet+,” science and technology footwear and information construction will be the main path for companies to emerge from the predicament. trend.
As the word crisis indicates, any "crisis" situation is also facing opportunities. The Internet brings not only shocks, but also unlimited business models and product innovations. Dr. Chen Xiaozhe of Wenzhou Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology believes that despite the strong manufacturing capability of Wenzhou footwear industry, it is still a short board for intelligent equipment and technology informatization. He believes that to improve the competitiveness of Wenzhou footwear industry, we must improve the core technology of manufacturing, take the road of “intelligence”, and establish an intelligent manufacturing technology system framework for the footwear industry is imperative.
How to make up a short board? Personalized customization potential
In recent years, the city’s large-scale, all-encompassing “machine substitution” has deepened its interpretation, leading a group of Wenzhou shoe-making equipment manufacturing companies to target high-end equipment industries, introducing or independently developing smart equipment, and emerging Kangnai, Jindi and Aokang etc. Batch of smart manufacturing leading enterprises.
Another increasingly obvious trend is that the trend of service manufacturing is even more pronounced. “The profit margins of products are getting smaller and smaller, and the proportion of services in the manufacturing process is increasing, and a new industry form integrating manufacturing and service is gradually becoming a service-oriented manufacturing.” Professor Wenzhou Vocational and Technical College Kay said that smart manufacturing is not just a concept in the field of production. Smart design is an important part of it, and it will become another major direction for the shoe-making industry to improve the supply side. For example, sports biomechanics technology is used to guide the optimization of footwear structure and optimization of material selection. For comfort, functionality and efficient design.
The more common phenomenon is that industrial service systems such as industrial design, system integration, inspection and inspection are self-contained, and more and more third-party companies are providing professional services for the manufacturing industry, which also provides unlimited business opportunities for mass customization. Ren Enmin, director of the Institute of Strategic Planning of the Institute of Mechanical Industry Information, is an expert who studied large planning customization earlier. He believes that the increased mass consumption demands higher and higher demands for footwear production to become specialized, customized, and personalized. . From the issuance of directives to product development, from market development to follow-up on customer feedback, smart devices have played fast and accurate advantages in personalized production and design, and have begun to show great development prospects.
Although the concept of smart manufacturing has flourished in recent years, implementation is not easy. In this regard, Yan Enmin suggested that intelligent transformation should not blindly follow suit. Shoe companies must pay more attention to the innovation of product quality and manufacturing process. It is the best policy to carry out intelligent production and service transformation based on their own products, markets, and customer characteristics.
Where Does "Soft Power" Improve? - Establishing the Jianquan Zhigong Standard System
"Intelligence-made" is undoubtedly the direction of industrial development that Wenzhou footwear has focused on fostering and nurturing. If “Internet+Leather Shoes” has opened up sales and improved user experience, then “Smart Creation” is a “killer” that sells leather shoes at a good price.
To guide the transformation of Wenzhou manufacturing into wisdom, this year, the City Economic and Information Commission issued a three-year action plan for smart manufacturing in Wenzhou. In the next three years, Wenzhou will focus on cultivating key enterprises in areas such as smart equipment, smart production, and intelligent services, implementing key demonstration projects, building intelligent manufacturing demonstration bases, and building a number of digital factories, smart workshops, and robotic production lines to comprehensively increase manufacturing production. The intelligent application level of management and services forms an intelligent manufacturing model with industry characteristics.
How to implement the specific path, Fang Yan, director of the Wenzhou Research Institute of China Leather and Shoe Industry Research Institute believes that to achieve intelligent manufacturing, we must establish the standardization of smart manufacturing.
“Automotive manufacturers use quick-assembly components through standard components to achieve rapid production.” Fang Yan believes that modular design should be used to form component standardization and supply standardization, and to open up intelligent manufacturing channels to achieve rapid production.
In Fang Yan's eyes, standardization is the highest market in favor of the device, high-end equipment can be purchased, and ultimately everyone's equipment is homogenized, but standardized data is the long-term accumulation of the company, which is where the core competitiveness lies.
For example, the leading reason why shoemaking enterprises at home and abroad are so powerful is that the standards for smart manufacturing in these companies have risen to industry and international standards, which means that it has the right to speak internationally.
Fang Yan believes that "Internet + Footwear Intelligence" will spawn new business forms. Only the establishment of the standardization of production and enterprise management technology will lead to an increasingly intelligent and escalating road.